Ornella Gallo

Ornella Gallo (born 1982) is an Italo-Uruguayan artist and designer currently living and working in London.

Having made art throughout early childhood, Ornella Gallo Di Fortuna established her fashion label in 2006 and achieved recognition in the field over the following two decades. During those years, Ornella maintained her connection to art through a number of collaborations and exhibitions. She has been working consistently across disciplines and across distinct cultural fields: art, design, fashion and interior design.

With material and colour as departure point, the works explore the tensions between figuration and abstraction along with investigating space, volume and texture beyond the limitations of the human body through sculpture garments, reliefs, assemblage, paintings, and collages.
Drawing inspiration from the seductive imagery associated with fashion, advertising, and human figuration Ornella’s work explores and interrogates the complexities inherent to these fields.

Best known for her large fashion canvases paintings made of scrap material and fabric each of which is laboriously and meticulously constructed by hand, Ornella’s work is both a critique and a celebration of the cultural forces that inform her approach.
From the beginning of her career has been embroiled in controversies over the relationship of her art to love, fashion, and nude.
As her own profile as an artist interested in these vexed, cultural intersections has grown. Ornella’s work is “an astute and private interpretation of our deepest impulses, compulsions, and fantasies.”
Often finds inspiration and creative direction from fashion and art considering painting and drawing to be an essential part of her creative process. Her study of sculptural shapes and origami has had an influence on her work and is especially prominent in her latest pieces also reflecting the new works called Embroidery Walls, a series of installations made of fabric and thread waved and designed straight to the walls.

Ornella’s work was tht subject of a career retrospective and “Shunga” exhibition organized by De Parma Gallery in London in 2016.

Currently she is exploring a new large and sculptural medium and is been working in a private commission of byzantine mosaics to be finished in 2019.